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CV 22
Consist Light Ctrl. (F0, F9-F12)
Range of Values0-63
Accepted Values0-255
Default Value0

NMRA CV 22 - Consist Lighting Control for Function 0 and Function 9 through Function 12

This CV is used to configure what functions will respond to user input on the Consist Address. This particular CV affects F0 and F9-F12. For each Bit which is set, that function will respond to instructions addressed to the consist address. Each bit which is cleared indicates that the function will only respond to instructions addressed to the locomotive's base address. F0F is controlled by Bit 0, F0R by Bit 1, F9 by Bit 2, and F12 by Bit 5.

To determine which functions are active, use the table below and combine the values of the functions you would like to have active, and program the sum into CV22.

Bit Feature Value Default
0 Function 0 Forward 1 Control on Base Address
1 Function 0 Reverse 2 Control on Base Address
2 Function 9 4 Control on Base Address
3 Function 10 8 Control on Base Address
4 Function 11 16 Control on Base Address
5 Function 12 32 Control on Base Address


Version 5 Addendum

CV 22
Consist Light Ctrl. (F0, F9-F12)
Range of Values0-63
Accepted Values0-255
Default Value63

The behavior of Function 0 Forward and Function 0 Reverse is different from all previous generations of TCS decoders. If you disable bits 0 or 1 in this CV, it will completely disable the output of that lighting function while in a CV19 consist. NOTE: The outputs for F0F and F0R will be disabled even if you have remapped these lighting outputs to different buttons other than F0.

This functionality also works with Rule 17 and Rule17 Opposite-Dim enabled, meaning that the same decoder can operate opposite-dim Rule 17 headlights when not consisted, and then automatically disable the (inner) headlight(s) when consisted.

Each direction can be disabled independently, or both can be disabled together. The configuration will take effect immediately whenever a consist address is placed in CV19. Once the locomotive has been removed from a CV19 consist, simply turn the light back on using Button 0 or whatever button you may have remapped the output to.

If the bits are cleared for F0F and/or F0R, that light cannot be controlled from either the consist address or the base address - the output is disabled until the unit is removed from the CV19 consist. This change to CV22 has been made in an effort to simplify the consisting setup process and reduce the complexity of handling more intricate lighting setups. The desired behavior at the end of the day is "the headlight(s) towards the rest of the train should be off," which is what we have aimed to accomplish with this feature.