Diesel Version 5:CV 24

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Consist Deceleration Adjustment
Range of Values0-255
Default Value0

NMRA CV 24 - Consist Deceleration Adjustment

This CV contains additional deceleration rate information that is to be added to or subtracted from the base value contained in Configuration Variable #4. This CV will only affect the momentum when CV19 is a non-0 value, meaning the decoder is configured for advanced consisting. The total momentum value can be calculated using the following formula:

([the contents of CV#24] multiplied by [0.896]) divided by (number of speed steps in use)

This is a 7 bit value (bits 0-6) with bit 7 being reserved for a sign bit (0-add, 1-subtract). The product of this formula is added to the value in CV 3. In case of overflow (CV24 + CV4 > 255), the maximum deceleration rate shall be used (255). In case of underflow (CV4 + (-)CV24 < 0) no deceleration shall be used (0). The expected use of this configuration is for changing momentum to simulate differing train lengths/loads. Consisted/MU's tend to pull/push more cars, and therefore can have simulated higher loads by using this configuration.