Diesel Version 5:CV 21

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CV 21
Consist Light Control (F1-F8)
Range of Values0-255
Accepted Values0-255
Default Value240

NMRA CV 21 - Consist Lighting Control for Function 1 Through Function 8

This CV is used to configure what functions will respond to user input on the consist address. This particular CV affects F1-F8. For each Bit which is set, that the function will respond to instructions addressed to the consist address ONLY. Each bit which is cleared indicates that the function will only respond to instructions addressed to the locomotive's individual address. F1 is controlled by bit 0; F8 by bit 7.

To determine which functions are active, use the table below and combine the values of the functions you would like to have active, and program the sum into CV21. By default, all functions are active on the consist address.

Bit Feature Value Default
0 Function 1 1 Control on Base Addr
1 Function 2 2 Control on Base Addr
2 Function 3 4 Control on Base Addr
3 Function 4 8 Control on Base Addr
4 Function 5 16 Control on Consist Addr
5 Function 6 32 Control on Consist Addr
6 Function 7 64 Control on Consist Addr
7 Function 8 128 Control on Consist Addr