Diesel Version 5:CV 61

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CV 61
Configuration Data #2
Range of Values0-255
Accepted Values0-255
Default Value1 (Varies)

NMRA CV 61 - Configuration Data (Part 2)

CV61 controls various settings in the WOWDecoder. In sound decoders this CV more limited than in mobile decoders.

To program this CV, take the values in the values column corresponding to the features you want active and sum them together. Program this value into CV61. See the table below for available options:

Bit Feature Default Value
0 Enable BEMF Motor Control ON 1
1 Not Used N/A 2
2 Enable Legacy Braking Mode (Varies) 4
3 Not Used N/A 8
4 Rule 17 - Automatically Dim Headlight When Stopped (Varies) 16
5 Rule 17 - Automatically Dim Headlight in Opposite Direction of Travel (Varies) 32
6 Not Used N/A 64
7 Enable Automatic Braking Sounds (Coming Soon!) OFF 128