Diesel Version 5:Function Remapping

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Light Function Remapping

Any of the light functions can be mapped to any of 28 available function buttons.
This is most easily done using Audio Assist™ (see the "light options menu")

Light function remapping can also be done using CV programming. To control which button turns on a function light simply enter the number of the function button (0-28) into the CV for that light. For example, if you want light function one (green wire) to turn on when function button 2 is pressed, put a value of 2 into CV35

CV Light output Wire Color Default Value Default Button
CV33 F0F White 0 F0
CV34 F0R Yellow 0 F0
CV35 F1 Green 1 F1
CV36 F2 Purple 2 F1
CV37 F3 Brown 3 F3
CV38 F4 Pink 4 F4
CV39 F5 Pink/Purple 5 F5
CV40 F6 Green/Brown 6 F6

This method of light function remapping is a "many to 1" method in that many light functions can be turned on by one button, and light function can only be controlled by one button.

  • Note: This method uses the same CV's as previous WOWSound decoders but uses different CV values. This was done to make the process easier to understand.