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Welcome to the Train Control Systems documentation wiki! We are creating an online TCS knowledge base, hosted on a wiki (similar in format to an online encyclopedia, i.e. Wikipedia).

We have been and will continuously be expanding on topics herein until we have complied a comprehensive knowledge base that is accessible to everyone and always up-to-date.

This wiki was first launched 3/4/2020. Documenting the TCS UWT-100 Universal WiFi Throttle is our first project of many. Please check back for more information, and send us suggestions for articles that you would find helpful.

Thanks! - The TCS Team

Technical Support Resources

We are currently in the process of migrating all of our help articles and documentation to the new Wiki format! Below you can find links to pages with information, support, and troubleshooting for our most-commonly-asked questions. To see all of our technical support resources and help articles, click on "Technical Support" just below:

Technical Support

Common Questions/Issues:

Other Resources:

OEM Decoder Projects and Information

Bachmann Trains


Bachmann Spectrum 4-6-2 K4 - HO Scale - COMING SOON!

Bachmann Spectrum Siemens ALC-42 (Charger) - HO Scale

Bachmann Spectrum Siemens SC-44 (Charger) - HO Scale

Bachmann Spectrum 2-10-0 Russian "Decapod" - HO Scale

Bachmann Spectrum 2-6-2 Baldwin "Trench" - HO Scale

Bachmann Spectrum Streamlined 4-6-2 K4 - HO Scale

Bachmann Spectrum ACS-64 - HO Scale

Sound Value®

Bachmann Sound Value ALCo RS-3 - HO Scale

Bachmann Sound Value EMD FT - HO Scale

Bachmann Sound Value EMD GP35 - HO Scale - COMING SOON!

WiFi Command System

WiFi Command System Overview

Universal WiFi Throttle

DCC System Compatibility

UWT-100 compatibility with Digikeijs systems

UWT-100 compatibility with Digitrax systems

UWT-100 compatibility with ESU systems

UWT-100 compatibility with MRC systems

UWT-100 compatibility with NCE systems


UWT-100 Overview

UWT-100 Main Menu


UWT-50 Overview

UWT-50 Main Menu

UWT Tips & Troubleshooting

In-Throttle Consisting

Yard Mode

Universal WiFi Throttle - Connection Issues

Wrist Lanyard Installation Instructions

TCS LCC Command Station and Boosters

Coming Soon!

Layout Command Control

Layout Command Control (LCC)

TCS D.E.P.O.T. Software

DEPOT (Software)