Yard Mode

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Drive Window displaying Yard Mode "Y" indicator
Yard Mode option in Operations menu
Drive Window - In Yard Mode set to "forward" and "fast" (Default set to speed step 20/126)
Drive Window - In Yard Mode set to "reverse" and "slow" (Default set to speed step 10/126

Yard Mode


Yard Mode is a special operations mode of the TCS throttle that is suited especially for switching movements. Yard Mode allows users to quickly and conveniently switch between a slow forward speed, a stopped locomotive, and a slow backward speed without managing the direction key and speed knobs/buttons, or keeping track of individual speed steps.

Users may adjust the speed at which their locomotive travels, select between two different speeds for each direction, and quickly stop and start the locomotive when needed. To enable or disable Yard Mode, enter the Main Menu, select "Operations" and then "Yard Mode" from the list of options. When you are in Yard Mode, the direction indicator on the Drive Window will show a letter “Y” instead of an arrow.

Driving a Loco In Yard Mode


To drive the locomotive forward, press and hold the single or double up chevron button. Your locomotive will drive forward as long as the button is held down. To drive in reverse, press and hold the single or double down chevron button. Releasing the button will return the speed to zero and your locomotive will come to a stop.

Users may “latch” or lock-in the current direction and speed of their locomotive by quickly double pressing any of the four buttons. This can be useful if an operator needs to operate locomotive functions or drive for a longer distance. The locomotive will maintain speed and direction until any button is pressed again, releasing the latch.

Yard Mode is applied to any locomotive address you address. This state will be remembered by the throttle on a per-loco basis even if you select a new address, power down the throttle, and in some cases even if you change network profiles/connections!


The UWT-50E operates Yard Mode in the same manner as the UWT-100, except instead of using the chevron buttons, you use the side switches.


The UWT-50P Yard Mode operation is unique, thanks to the potentiometer! After entering Yard Mode, you must first rotate the knob to the "center position" which has the distinguished tactile detent. The knob will stop at this position, and will require slightly more force to continue rotating. This stopping point is 0 speed.

On the screen, near the bottom of the "Y" there will be a chevron which will point to the left or to the right. This chevron indicates which direction is "forward" given your current, physical perspective of the locomotive you have selected. Rotating the knob in the same direction that the chevron is pointing will make the locomotive go forward (and vice versa). To change your "perspective," press the direction key. This feature makes it much easier to keep track of which direction of rotation makes your locomotive move which direction on the trackwork.

Unlike in the encoder throttles, for the UWT-50P, Yard Mode is a "global" setting. This means that if you address a new loco, use recall, etc., Yard Mode will stay active until you turn it off; however, the directional chevron/perspective is saved for each locomotive you address you select, even if you select a new address, power down the throttle, and in some cases even if you change network profiles/connections!

Speed Adjustment

In the case of the encoder-based throttles such as the UWT-100 and UWT-50E, you may find that the default speeds for Yard Mode (10/126 and 20/126) are not acceptable. Fortunately, these default speeds can be changed on the fly during operation! Rotate the thumbwheel while holding a chevron button or while the speed is latched to increase or decrease the speed of the locomotive for the active speed (fast or slow). Both "fast" and "slow" speeds can be adjusted independently (but not directions). Your speed adjustments for Yard Mode will be retained until the throttle is powered off.

Pro Tip: The default speed of Yard Mode for the single chevrons is the same as the Fast Increment speed of the throttle, and the double chevrons default to twice that speed. This can be changed in the “Drive Settings” menu.

In the case of the potentiometer-based throttles like the UWT-50P, in order to make the most effective use of the resolution of the potentiometer, the maximum speed is artificially limited while in Yard Mode. By default, this limit is set to 50/126 speed steps, meaning you can go up to speed step 50 in forward or in reverse. You can change this limit to any speed (up to 126) through the Yard Mode Max Speed menu.

UWT-100 Yard Mode Tutorial Video

UWT-50P Yard Mode Tutorial Video

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UWT-50P Yard Mode Tutorial Video

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