UWT-100 compatibility with NCE systems

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The UWT-100 Universal WiFi Throttle can be connected to NCE DCC systems in a variety of ways. Several options are listed below.

Connecting to NCE systems

NCE PowerCab USB Interface

The NCE USB Interface provides a connection to a computer from your NCE DCC system. This allows users to program and operate from a computer using software.

NCE USB Device Product Page


Non-Windows users may need to install additional drivers for their system to recognize the NCE USB Interface. You can find download and installation instructions on the NCE webpage. USB drivers for the NCE Power Cab USB board can be downloaded from Silicon Labs.

PowerHouse Pro

The NCE PowerHouse Pro has a RS-232 port. Connect that port to your computer by using any off-the-shelf USB to RS-232 cable. Once the PowerHouse Pro connected via USB, start a JMRI WiThrottle server and connect with your UWT-100.

WifiTrax WFD-30

The WFD-30 device from WifiTrax provides true WiFi control of your layout using and existing NCE DCC system. The WFD-30 is NCE CAB Bus-compatible and will work with any NCE Command Station (Power Pro, Smart Booster, Power Cab, etc). The unit acts as a WiThrottle server using the WiThrottle protocol, just like JMRI, with optional loco roster and turnout list.

There is no need to install JMRI or other third-party WiThrottle protocol client - just connect the WFD-30 to your NCE system, power up your throttle, scan for WiFi, and connect to the WFD-30 device.

WifiTrax WFD-30 Product Page

WifiTrax WFD-30 Quick Start Guide

Operational Notes

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