Diesel Version 5:DC Mode Operation

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Editing Diesel Version 5:DC Mode Operation


DC mode with sound support has been added to WOWSound decoders starting with Version 5. The operation of the decoder in DC mode, such as the sounds that play automatically, can be modified through the use of CV181 DC Mode Sounds CV. (Note: a DCC system capable of programming CV's is required to adjust these features. It is not possible to modify CV's using DC power exclusively.)

List of Features

  • Automatic Sounds - There are several "Automatic Sounds" which play while in DC mode which can be enabled or disabled using the CV181 DC Mode Sounds CV. Examples include directional and stop quills, speed-based bell sound, and grade crossing quill.
  • DC Power Supply Modes Switching - see more details below.
  • DC Mode Automatic Bell - Starts when the loco starts and shuts off after reaching a set speed. When dropping below that speed again, the bell will turn back on. This feature mimics real-life railroad operations and rules, where a bell is required to be heard when moving below a certain speed, especially in yards. The speed at which the bell turns off (or back on) is configurable.
  • Directional Horns - Available to play automatically when stopping, or starting in forward or reverse.
  • Grade Crossing Quill - To play a grade crossing quill, rapidly change the DC track voltage and then bring it back to where it was. The sensitivity of the trigger for the quill is configurable via the DC Mode Quill Voltage Delta setting.
  • Smooth Motor Control - The BEMF algorithm runs during DC mode to keep the speed steady despite the unsteady voltages found in some DC power packs.
  • Full Light Control - All of the lighting outputs on the decoder are able to operate on DC power, and will also have the same lighting effect as they would on DCC (if configured prior). You can control which lights are active in DC mode via CV13 DC Mode Lights F1-F8 and CV14 DC Mode Lights F9-F12.
  • Adjustable Top Speed - To account for the varying voltage outputs of various DC power packs the DC Mode Maximum Track Voltage setting was created. The decoder sets its speed based not solely on the voltage level of the track but where it is within a range of voltages. If your Decoder max voltage is set for 16 volts but your power pack only puts out 14 volts the decoder will never reach it's top speed because it doesn't think its at full throttle. If that is the case decrease the value in CV137. CV.16.0.268 - DC Mode Max Voltage

DC Power Supply Modes Switching

This feature is only available when a Version 5 decoder is used with a Keep Alive in DC mode. After allowing about 15 seconds to charge the Keep Alive device while stationary, you can use the direction switch on your DC power pack to switch between two sets of DC mode settings. TCS implemented this feature to allow for a user to quickly switch the decoder into settings compatible with well-regulated DC power supplies, and power supplies which have poor regulation if any at all. Additionally, these separate settings can be used to set up the decoder for operation on power packs which have large differences in voltage ranges and maximum voltages. For example, a well-regulated power supply may reach a steady 15 Volts DC, whereas an unregulated supply with a similar rated output could reach between 18 and 24 Volts DC. Since this feature exists, it requires storage of two sets of CV values for the DC mode settings described above. We store these separate sets of values in Indexed CV's which are loaded on the fly based on which mode the decoder is operating in. The lists of indexed CV numbers for both modes are listed below.

To switch between the power supply modes:

  1. Turn up the DC throttle until the decoder starts up with sound
  2. Wait approximately 15 seconds while the sound is playing to charge Keep Alive
  3. Switch the direction on your power pack multiple times quickly
  4. You will hear an audio prompt from Audio Assist announcing the new active mode

If you do not hear an audio prompt, or the decoder goes silent during this process, give the Keep Alive more time to charge, and flip the direction switch faster. If the decoder powers down during this process, the change will not take place.

Optionally, you can manually select the active mode via CV177 if you have access to a DCC programming track.

Regulated Power Supply Settings

NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.260 - DC Mode Regulated Supply Automatic Bell Cutout Voltage
NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.262 - DC Mode Regulated Supply Quill Voltage Delta
NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.264 - DC Mode Regulated Supply Motor Start Voltage
NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.266 - DC Mode Regulated Supply Motor Hysteresis
NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.268 - DC Mode Regulated Supply Maximum Track Voltage

Unregulated Power Supply Settings

NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.274 - DC Mode Unregulated Supply Automatic Bell Cutout Voltage
NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.276 - DC Mode Unregulated Supply Quill Voltage Delta
NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.278 - DC Mode Unregulated Supply Motor Start Voltage
NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.280 - DC Mode Unregulated Supply Motor Hysteresis
NMRA Indexed CV 16.0.282 - DC Mode Unregulated Supply Maximum Track Voltage