Diesel Version 5:CV 16.0.274

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CV 16.0.274
DC Bell Cutout (Unregulated)
Range of Values0-255
Accepted ValuesAny
Default Value110

NMRA CV 16.0.260 DC Mode Unregulated Supply Automatic Bell Cutout Voltage

This CV sets the voltage level above which the DC mode automatic bell will stop playing while the decoder is in "Unregulated" DC power supply mode. The higher the value in this CV, the higher the throttle must be set to before the automatic bell turns off. The DC mode automatic bell will come on when the locomotive starts moving, turn off when the setpoint is reached, and turn back on when the voltage goes below that voltage again. The DC mode automatic bell must first be enabled via CV181 - DC Mode Sounds CV.
This setting only affects operation while in Unregulated Power Supply mode on DC.