Diesel Version 5:CV 176

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Sound Options 1
Range of Values0-255
Default Value251

NMRA CV 176 - Sound Options #1

CV176 controls various settings in the WOWDecoder. To program this CV, first decide which features you want to have active. Take the values in the Value column corresponding to the feature(s) you want active and add them together. Program the total value into CV176. See the table below for available options


There are additional user options which may be configured via CV 177 - Sound Options #2

Bit Feature Description Default Value
0 Manual Notching Feedback (Relay Sound) Enable this setting to have the decoder play relay sound when manually changing notches. ON 1
1 Auto Notch Down when Braking If set the decoder will notch down to idle when the train brakes are on, otherwise the notch will not be affected by the train brake. ON 2
2 Mute On Startup When this setting is enabled, the decoder will mute on power up until it is issued a command. OFF 4
3 Momentum Mode Audio Feedback This feature announces the active Momentum Mode when it is changed. ON 8
4 Rotate Feature Audio Feedback Enable this setting to allow the decoder to announce the new horn or play a bell snippet when rotating through sounds when using the Rotate Feature ON 16
5 Light/Sound Mode Audio Feedback Enable this setting to have the decoder announce what the active control mode is for your throttle after pushing the mute button twice. ON 32
6 Audio Auto Shutoff The Audio Auto Shutoff feature mutes the decoder after a set time of inactivity. You may adjust the time with the Audio Shutoff Timer. The Automatic Audio Shutoff will not mute the sound if the decoder is in motion. ON 64
7 Enable Audio Assist Warnings If this setting is enabled, audible warnings will play in certain situations. See Audio Assist Warning Messages for more information. ON 128