Diesel Version 5:Auto Notching

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TCS brought Auto notching to the model train hobby with the Advent of the WOWDiesel decoder, it is arguably the coolest feature of the WOWSound decoder.
Auto notching allows the decoder to decide what notch to be in, no longer do you have a notch based on just the speed like in Traditional Throttle Mode. With Auto Notching the prime mover sound is constantly changing as it goes up hills, around curves, picks up more cars, and coasts down hills! You can even calibrate the locomotive in Audio Assist™ so it knows what the ruling grade is on your layout and will be in notch 8 as it traverses it! To calibrate your WOWDiesel locomotive so that it knows the ruling grade and downhill grades on your layout enter Audio Assist™ and go to the calibration menu (menu 3.2) and follow the audio prompt from the decoder. It will ask you to run the locomotive in a coasting condition and then a notch 8 condition. (PRO TIP: While on the calibration menu you can calibrate the coasting point by pressing function 1 or the notch 8 point by pressing button 2, even if the menu is telling you to do otherwise)
Behind the scenes Audio Assist™ is saving the calibration data to CV152 BEMF Calibration Low and CV154 BEMF Calibration High both CV's can be programmed tweaked manually. TCS recommends calibrating using Audio Assist and then manually tweaking the CV's if need be.