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Leave CV programming behind with Audio Assist®, the intuitive audio menu system that comes with every TCS WOWSound decoder. Your WOWSound decoder will literally talk you through common programming options. Follow the verbal commands to change horns and bells, calibrate chuffs, change sound volumes, remap sounds and lighting effects, and so much more using Audio Assist®. Program all of your sound functionality and most of your lighting functionality without ever programming a CV.

Using Audio Assist®

With your locomotive stopped on an operational track, rapidly press function 8 four times to activate the Audio Assist® guide. Follow the prompts to quickly set up and change the settings on your locomotives. Pressing 9 at any time brings you to the previous menu, and pressing 0 will exit Audio Assist® altogether. Please note: Audio Assist® cannot be muted, and the function cannot be remapped.

Many of the functions available in WOWSound decoders are adjustable through Audio Assist®. We recommend using the Audio Assist® functionality when available, as it is typically much faster and easier to do.

User Presets

TCS Decoders are unique in offering 3 User Presets that can be set and saved. These allow you to save 3 versions of your own sound settings for easy resets to settings other than the factory default values. These can only be set up through Audio Assist®. Please consult the Programming Guide for your decoder version for more information on setting up and using User Presets.

Pro tip: Pressing 4 in the Audio Assist menu will you to an Additional Options submenu. TCS users have reported finding some interesting things while digging around in there.

Audio Assist® is featured on both WOWSteam and WOWDiesel decoders.