Diesel Version 5:CV 177

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CV 177
Sound Options 2
Range of Values0-127
Accepted Values0-255
Default Value2

NMRA CV 177 - Sound Options #2

CV177 controls various settings in the WOWDecoder. To program this CV, first decide which features you want to have active. Take the values in the Value column corresponding to the feature(s) you want active and add them together. Program the total value into CV177. See the table below for available options


There are additional user options which may be configured via CV 176 - Sound Options #2

Bit Feature Description Default Value
0 Dual Prime Movers Enable this setting to have two prime mover sound files play simultaneously. This feature may be used for locomotives such as E8's with two prime movers. OFF 1
1 Dynamic Braking Notch Up If this setting is enabled, the prime mover will notch up multiple times with subsequent presses of the dynamic brake button (F5 by default); If disabled the prime mover will go to the set Dynamic Brake Notch and stay there when the dynamic brakes are applied. ON 2
2 Reverse Directional Horns If this setting is enabled, the Automatic Directional Horns (if enabled) will reverse so that the forward horn will play when going reverse (and so on). This feature is sometimes useful when a decoder installation has the motor wired in the reverse polarity. Instead of re-wiring the locomotive, this feature allows for a software fix.
Often used in conjunction with CV 29.
3 Automatic Notching Mechanism Selection If enabled, user option bit 4 decides if the prime mover notches will stair step or jump directly between notches. If disabled, the decoder will automatically decide when to use stair stepping or jump notching. The decoder will base this decision on the active Momentum Mode. OFF 8
4 Notching Mechanism Selection This setting controls whether the Notching Mechanism is set to jump-notching or stair-step notching. Automatic Notching Mechanism Selection must be enabled in order to use this setting. If this setting is enabled, the prime mover will stair-step through each notch; If this setting is disabled, the prime mover will jump-notch. ON 16
5 Function Pagination If enabled 2 additional function pages become available in addition to Light Mode and Sound Mode when double tapping the Audio Assist Button. "Function Page 3" and "Function Page 4" will now be active. On Function Page 3 pushing F0 is the same as pressing F10, F1 becomes F11 ... F9 becomes F19. On Function Page 4 F0 becomes F20, F1 is F21 ... F8 is F28. This feature is useful for command stations that don't support extended functions as it allows users to access all functions even if the command station can't actually send a DCC packet for that function. *Note - If a function packet higher then 9 is sent while on function page 3 or 4 the packet will not have an offset. IE F10-F28 always activate F10-F28 regardless of the active function page. OFF 32
6 DC Mode Power Pack Selection There are two sets of CV's used to control how the decoder behaves in DC Mode To switch between "Regulated" and "Unregulated" power pack modes toggle the direction on the power pack back and forth twice rapidly. The decoder will audibly announce the new mode. OFF/Regulated Power Pack 64
7 Momentary F2 Throttle Setting If you use a throttle which has function 2 set as a "momentary" function (E.G. DT400+ or the NCE Procab "Whistle" button), this setting makes Audio Assist work better. ON 128