WOWSound Momentum Function

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The momentum function is a quick and easy way to change the acceleration and deceleration rates of the decoder. There are two modes which are toggled between with every press of the momentum button (Function 15 by default). These modes are "Switching Momentum" and "Mainline Momentum" When the Momentum button is pressed the decoder will announce what momentum mode it is in.

Mainline Momentum

Mainline Momentum is the default mode on our flagship WOWSound products. In mainline momentum the engine will accelerate and decelerate slowly as if it was a prototype train on the mainline. This also give more realistic operation when used together with the Braking Feature.
Indexed CV 4:52 and 4:53 control what momentum values are used when in Mainline Momentum mode

Switching Momentum

When in switching momentum mode the engine will operate as if it was a switching locomotive, stopping and starting quickly with little momentum. This is useful when using the locomotive as a switcher or when inexperienced operators are running your trains and you don't want them to crash them. Some WOWSound users also find it fun to set the speed and use just the brake feature. and directional button to control the engine while switching, something to try next time your shunting some cars.
Indexed CV 4:50 and 4:51 control what momentum values are used when in switching momentum