Diesel Version 5:CV 32

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Indexed CV Low Byte
Range of Values0-255
Default Value0

NMRA CV 32 - Indexed CV Low Byte

The Indexed Address is the address of the indexed CV page when the decoder is set up for indexed CV operation. CV31 contains the most significant bits of the two byte address and may have any value between 16 and 255 inclusive. Values of 0 thru 15 are reserved by the NMRA for future use. CV32 contains the least significant bits of the index address and may contain any value.

This gives a total 61,440 indexed pages each with 256 CV's in each page for a total of 15,728,640 indexed CV's!
(High byte 240 * Low Byte 256 * bytes per page 256) = total number of available CV's

See Indexed CV's for more info on using this CV