Diesel Version 5:CV 3

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CV 3
Acceleration Rate
Range of Values0-255
Accepted Values0-255
Default Value20

NMRA CV 3 - Acceleration Rate

Determines the decoder's acceleration rate. The higher the value, the longer the decoder will take to accelerate to a new speed step.

The formula for the acceleration rate shall be equal to the contents of CV 3 multiplied by 0.896, then divided by the number of speed steps in use. (CV3*.896)/(126). For example, if the contents of CV 3 = 2, then the acceleration is 0.064 sec/step for a decoder currently using 28 speed steps.

If CV 3 equals "0" then there is no programmed momentum during acceleration. Changes in speed will be visibly instantaneous.

NOTE: If your TCS decoder supports the Momentum Modes Feature, this CV can and will be temporarily overwritten with a value based on your current momentum mode.