Diesel Version 5:CV 25

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CV 25
Speed Table Selection
Range of Values0-255
Accepted ValuesN/A
Default Value0

NMRA CV 25 - Speed Table (Mid Range Cab Speed Step)

A value between 2 and 127 shall be used to indicate 1 of 126 factory preset speed tables. A value of “00000010” indicates that the curve shall be linear. A value between 128 and 154 defines the 28-speed step position (1-26) which will define where the mid range decoder speed value will be applied. In 14-speed mode the decoder will utilize this value divided by two If the value in this variable is outside the range, the default mid cab speed of 14 (for 28 speed mode or 7 for 14 speed mode) shall be used as the mid speed value. Values of “00000000” or “00000001” shall indicate that this CV is not used in the calculation of the speed table.

This CV is not currently supported by TCS.