Diesel Version 5:CV 115

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Motor Delay Reset Time
Range of Values0-255
Default Value4

NMRA CV 115 - Motor Delay Reset Time

This CV controls how long the motor will delay after a speed command is received before enacting it, this feature allows for more prototypical operation. By delaying the motor the sound file can change first, this is how prototype locomotives operate as the prime mover must first spool up and generate power before the locomotive can move.
This feature also allows more prototypical operation when automatic directional sounds are enabled so that the directional sound can play before the locomotive moves. This is for safeties sake so that any person in harms way will have a heads up that they need to get out of the way.

Example To set the delay time multiply the desired time (in seconds) by 2 and program that value into CV115. For example if you want to give 2 seconds from when the speed command is sent/directional sound starts playing enter a value of 4 into CV115

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