CV 138

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CV 138
Brake Light Delay
Range of Values0-255
Accepted Values0-255
Default Value16

CV 138 - Brake Light Off Delay

CV 138 is used to adjust how long the "Brake Lights" Lighting Effect remain on after applying the brakes and coming to a stop. This CV can be adjusted for how long the brake lights will remain after the brakes are no longer being applied to slow or stop the train. The higher the number, the longer the lights will remain on (up to 13 seconds). The lower the number the less time they will remain on (down to instantly turning off or going dim if configured in CV 61).

The Brake Lights lighting feature operates much like the brake lights on a car. When the locomotive decelerates the brake lights will remain on until:

  1. The locomotive levels out its speed.
  2. The locomotive comes to a complete stop.
  3. The locomotive begins accelerating.
  4. The brakes are released.

Once any of these conditions are met, the delay timer will start. Once the timer expires, the brake lights will go off, or go dim if configured in CV 61.