CV 13

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CV 13
DC Mode Lights F1-F8
Range of Values0-255
Accepted Values0-255
Default Value255

NMRA CV 13 - DC Mode Function Status F1-F8

CV 13 configures the active/inactive status for each lighting function output (F1 through F8) when the unit is operating in alternate power (DC) mode, which cannot control the functions. If a function cannot be controlled, then the corresponding bit is ignored.

If the bit for a function output is "cleared," this indicates the function is disabled on DC power. If the bit for a function output is "set," this indicates the function output is enabled on DC power. This configuration affects the physical outputs on the decoder, not the button numbers! If you have remapped a lighting output to a different button, that will not affect this configuration. Note also that you must set up this CV to use the correct lighting outputs, not button numbers.

NOTE: If a lighting output has been programmed with a lighting effect, such as a Mars light, that feature will continue to operate while on DC power.

CV 13 is a bitwise CV, where each bit corresponds to a different setting/feature. Bit 0 corresponds to F1, while Bit 7 corresponds to F8. See the chart below:

CV13 - DC Mode Lights
Bit Feature Value Default
0 Function 1 1 ON
1 Function 2 2 ON
2 Function 3 4 ON
3 Function 4 8 ON
4 Function 5 16 ON
5 Function 6 32 ON
6 Function 7 64 ON
7 Function 8 128 ON

The SUM of the desired functions active while operating in DC mode must be programmed into CV 13. A value of 255 enables all light functions on DC power.

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