CV 126

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CV 126
Single-Stage Braking Rate
Range of Values0-255
Accepted Values0-255
Default ValueVaries

NMRA CV 126 - Braking Deceleration Rate (Single-Stage)

NOTE: Only non-sound decoders from TCS only use this CV for the single-stage (On/Off) braking system. WOWSound decoders offer a Train Brake system with up to 5 separate configurable braking rates of which this CV is not one of them.

Braking deceleration is the rate at which the decoder will slow the locomotive to a complete stop. Once the Brake Button has been applied, the locomotive will slow down according to the deceleration rate programmed in this CV. The base Deceleration Value (CV 4), and Consist Deceleration (CV 24) will not effect the actual deceleration and only the braking deceleration will be considered.

Like other forms of Momentum, the values range from 0 (which will be a nearly instantaneous stop) to 255 (very gradual deceleration over a long time). The total momentum value can be calculated using the following formula: ([the contents of CV 126] multiplied by [0.896]) divided by (number of speed steps in use)