Diesel Version 5:Audio Assist®

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Audio Assist™ is a TCS only feature for quick and easy programming from the mainline of any DCC track. While in Audio Assist™ mode the decoder talks to you and walks you through how to program the main features of the decoder. To enter Audio Assist mode press the Audio Assist Button four times in rapid succession (default is button F8). While entering Audio Assist mode you may hear the decoder say "sound mode active" or "light mode active" that is part of the "Dual Enabled Functions" feature and can be disregarded for now

Main Menu

  1. Sound Programming options
    1. Volumes
      1. Master Volume
      2. Sound Type Volumes
    2. Map Sounds to Buttons
    3. Select a prime mover
  2. Light programming options
    1. Setup Lighting Effects
    2. light function remapping
    3. Manage Dual Mode Functions
  3. Motor Programming options
    1. Speed Matching/Trim
    2. Calibrate for Prototype mode
  4. Other Options
    1. Throttle Mode
    2. User Presets
    3. Factory Resets
    4. Easter Eggs
    5. Firmware Updates
    6. Manufacturing Info

@TODO make this the audio assist menu tree instead Bachmann ACS64 prototype 2017 NMRA show.jpg