Diesel Version 5:Manual Notching

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Manual Notching is for users who like to run prototypically without letting the decoder have all the fun of Auto Notching.
In Manual Notch mode you can manually select the notch by pressing the notch up or notch down buttons (by default they are functions 10 and 11 respectively). Meanwhile you can still control the speed as your normally would. This gives full control of both the speed and notch to you simultaneously!

The manual notch buttons are always active regardless of which Throttle Mode is selected. However when not in manual notching mode manual changes are overridden when a speed change is made. For example if you are in Traditional throttle mode and running down a hill you may want to manually notch down, when you reach the bottom of the hill changing the speed will revert the notch back to what it was at the top of the hill. While in manual notch mode speed changes do not override the manual notch setting.

See the video below for more information and a demonstration.