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This page lists the numbers and names for all of the Configuration Variables as defined by the NMRA Standards used in TCS decoders. You can read the NMRA Standards for Configuration Variables (CV's) (Document No. S-9.2.2) for yourself on the NMRA website: NMRA Standards and Recommended Practices

NOTE: Not all CV's listed on this page are supported by TCS, and not all supported CV's are universally supported by all products. For example, RailCom configurations, lighting output assignment, and other features which require hardware support may not be applicable to your decoder. Pay special attention to the CV Addendums for your specific decoder. If you are unsure what your decoder is, you can read CV 249 the Decoder Hardware Model Identifier. If you are unsure if your decoder supports a feature, visit the specific product page for your decoder on TCS' Website for a full list of features.

List of Standard CV's

CV Description
CV 1 Short Address (2-Digit Address)
CV 2 Start Volts (Vstart / "Boost")
CV 3 Acceleration Rate
CV 4 Deceleration Rate
CV 5 Top Volts (Vhigh / Limit)
CV 6 Mid Volts (Vmid)
CV 7 Manufacturer Version Number
CV 8 Manufacturer ID
CV 9 [Not Supported] Total PWM Period
CV 10 BEMF Cutout
CV 11 Packet Time
CV 12 Power Source Conversion
CV 13 DC Mode Function Status F1-F8
CV 14 DC Mode Function Status F0 & F9-F12
CV 15 Decoder Lock (Key)
CV 16 Decoder Lock (Lock)
CV 17 Extended "Long" Address (High Byte)
CV 18 Extended "Long" Address (Low Byte)
CV 19 Consist Address
CV 20 (Reserved by NMRA)
CV 21 Consist Function Control (F1-F8)
CV 22 Consist Function Control (F0 & F9-F12)
CV 23 Consist Acceleration Adjustment
CV 24 Consist Deceleration Adjustment
CV 25 Speed Table Selection
CV 26 (Reserved by NMRA)
CV 27 Decoder Automatic Stopping Configuration
CV 28 RailCom Configuration
CV 29 Configuration Data #1
CV 30 Error Information
CV 31 Indexed CV High Byte
CV 32 Indexed CV Low Byte
CV 33 F0F Remapping
CV 34 F0R Remapping
CV 35 F1 Remapping
CV 36 F2 Remapping
CV 37 F3 Remapping
CV 38 F4 Remapping
CV 39 F5 Remapping
CV 40 F6 Remapping
CV 41 F7 Remapping
CV 42 F8 Remapping
CV 43 F9 Remapping
CV 44 F10 Remapping
CV 45 F11 Remapping
CV 46 F12 Remapping
CV 47 [Not Used]
CV 48 [Not Used]
CV 49 F0F Lighting Effect
CV 50 F0R Lighting Effect
CV 51 F1 Lighting Effect
CV 52 F2 Lighting Effect
CV 53 F3 Lighting Effect
CV 54 F4 Lighting Effect
CV 55 F5 Lighting Effect
CV 56 F6 Lighting Effect
CV 57 F7 Lighting Effect
CV 58 F8 Lighting Effect
CV 59 F9 Lighting Effect
CV 60 F10 Lighting Effect
CV 61 Configuration Data #2
CV 62 [Not Used]
CV 63 Ditch Light Blink Holdover Time
CV 64 [Not Used]
CV 65 "Kick Start"
CV 66 Forward Trim
CV 67 Speed Table Step 1
CV 68 Speed Table Step 2
CV 69 Speed Table Step 3
CV 70 Speed Table Step 4
CV 71 Speed Table Step 5
CV 72 Speed Table Step 6
CV 73 Speed Table Step 7
CV 74 Speed Table Step 8
CV 75 Speed Table Step 9
CV 76 Speed Table Step 10
CV 77 Speed Table Step 11
CV 78 Speed Table Step 12
CV 79 Speed Table Step 13
CV 80 Speed Table Step 14
CV 81 Speed Table Step 15
CV 82 Speed Table Step 16
CV 83 Speed Table Step 17
CV 84 Speed Table Step 18
CV 85 Speed Table Step 19
CV 86 Speed Table Step 20
CV 87 Speed Table Step 21
CV 88 Speed Table Step 22
CV 89 Speed Table Step 23
CV 90 Speed Table Step 24
CV 91 Speed Table Step 25
CV 92 Speed Table Step 26
CV 93 Speed Table Step 27
CV 94 Speed Table Step 28
CV 95 Reverse Trim


(Reserved by NMRA)
CV 105 User Identification #1
CV 106 User Identification #2


(Reserved by NMRA)
CV 249 Decoder Hardware Model Identifier
CV 250 Month of Manufacture
CV 251 Day of Manufacture
CV 252 Year of Manufacture
CV 257

- 512

NMRA Indexed CV Working Area
CV 513

- 891

(Reserved by NMRA)
CV 892 [Not Supported] Decoder Load
CV 893 [Not Supported] Dynamic Flags
CV 894 [Not Supported] Fuel/Coal Level
CV 895 [Not Supported] Water Level
CV 896

- 1024

[Not Supported] SUSI Sound & Function Modules

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