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Welcome to the Train Control Systems documentation wiki! We are creating an online TCS knowledge base, hosted on a wiki (similar in format to an online encyclopedia, i.e. Wikipedia).

We have been and will continuously be expanding on topics herein until we have complied a comprehensive knowledge base that is accessible to everyone and always up-to-date.

This wiki was first launched 3/4/2020. Documenting the TCS UWT-100 Universal WiFi Throttle is our first project of many. Please check back for more information, and send us suggestions for articles that you would find helpful.

Thanks! - The TCS Team

OEM Decoder Projects and Information

Bachmann Trains

Bachmann Spectrum SC-44 (Charger) - HO Scale

Rapido Trains

ALCo PA1/PB1 - Coming Soon!

WiFi Command System

WiFi Command System Overview

Universal WiFi Throttle

DCC System Compatibility

UWT-100 compatibility with Digikeijs systems

UWT-100 compatibility with Digitrax systems

UWT-100 compatibility with ESU systems

UWT-100 compatibility with MRC systems

UWT-100 compatibility with NCE systems


UWT-100 Overview

UWT-100 Main Menu

In-Throttle Consisting

Yard Mode

UWT-100 Connection Issues

Wrist lanyard installation instructions


Coming Soon!

TCS LCC Command Station and Boosters

Coming Soon!

Layout Command Control

Layout Command Control (LCC)

TCS D.E.P.O.T. Software

DEPOT (Software)