In-Throttle Consisting

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In-Throttle Consisting

It is common for operators to create and disband Multiple Unit (MU) "consists" during operating sessions. The TCS throttle features a simple method for quickly creating and managing consists that is completely self-contained in the throttle. This method is known as “in-throttle” consisting which operates independently of the command station. In-throttle consisting can be used in conjunction with or independently of decoder-based “advanced” consists.

The in-throttle consisting system is capable of controlling the speed, direction, and functions for all locomotives within a consist. The TCS throttle can also select JMRI-created-and-managed consists, as well as "traditional" CV19 consists. For more information on other types of consisting which are not discussed here, see our Help Article on Consisting.

In-Cab Control

Our consisting system features “in-cab control” which allows the user to select the lead locomotive of the consist, effectively putting you “in the cab” as an operator.

When operating with a consist, the Enter button on the throttle can be used to quickly page through consist members and select the lead unit, or active cab. The locomotive chosen as the lead unit can be sent functions that are not sent to the full consist. This can be done using options in the "Consist Functions" menu below.

Managing Consists

When a consist is created, the current cab address will become the first member of that consist. The following options in the “Consisting” menu can be used to manage consists.

Add Loco To Consist - Enter the address of the locomotive to be added, or select from a list. Pressing the Enter button changes the direction of the locomotive being added to the consist.

View Current Consist - Shows all members of current consist and their direction within the consist. Selecting a locomotive from the consist provides options to switch to that cab, remove that member, or change direction.

Clear Current Consist - Disbands the consist, returning all locomotives to independent operation.

Consist Functions - Determines what functions are assigned to the consist or to the selected cab.

Function Routing

Locomotives in prototypical consists exhibit different behaviors depending on their function in the consist. The lead unit will need to use headlights and horns, while trailing units likely will not have operational horns, lights, etc. This behavior can be emulated using In-Throttle Consisting.

While operating with an active consist, access the "Consisting" menu and select "Consist Functions." Each function in the list has the option of being sent to the entire consist, or just to the current cab. Users can quickly toggle these options by selecting a function from the list, selecting "Function Routing," and choosing "Send to All Locos" or "Send to Current Cab."

An asterisk (*) will be shown next to the currently selected option.