CV 139

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CV 139
Brake Button Mapping
Range of Values0-255
Accepted Values0-255
Default Value128

CV 139 - Brake Button Remapping (Non-Sound)

CV 139 is used to change which button is used to control the Single-Stage Brake feature in non-sound decoders AND/OR the Brake Lights Lighting Effect. By default, non-sound decoders from TCS have the Brake mapped to button 6. To enable the Single-Stage Brake feature, you must modify CV61 which is not enabled by default. Enabling this feature will allow the button to slow the locomotive at a configurable rate. When the function is On, the brakes will be applied; when the functions is Off, the brakes will be released.

NOTE: This CV does NOT affect which button triggers operates the Train Brake feature or the "Brake Squeal" sound type for WOWSound decoders. If you want to change which button controls the brake application on a WOWSound decoder, you should use Audio Assist® which uses several different CV's and takes care of all of these individual operations automatically.

Use the table below to remap the Brake Button to a specific button number. A value of 0 removes the brake button mapping, meaning it cannot be used.

Group A (Button 0 through Button 6)
Button X 0F 0R 1 2 3 4 5 6
Value 0 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128